Vertex’s Technology Commercialization Roadmap

The Vertex Commercialization Roadmap was created to help us provide various consulting services to our clients.

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Vertex’s Technology Commercialization Roadmap is intended to be a useful guide to the technology development and commercialization process.  Ourroadmap works much like a highway roadmap.  First, you need to determine where you are in the commercialization process and then you must locate the destination that you want to reach.  You can then determine the path you need to follow from the roadmap.  Note that this roadmap shows only the ‘main highways’ and ‘well-traveled routes’. It does not provide the details for the ‘secondary roads’ that are often needed but which are only included on ‘higher resolution local maps’.  

There are four main regions in this roadmap, namely ‘Idea Creation’, ‘Technology Development’, ‘Intellectual Property Protection’ and ‘Exploitation’.  The Idea Creation territory is the region in which new technology-development ideas are cultivated and their business potential is critically examined.  Once idea concepts are clarified, it’s on to the Technology Development stage.  The focus of the Technology Development area is to advance the new technology idea to a stage suitable for commercialization.  Then, before charging forward with the commercialization process, there is an Intellectual Property Protection region to be traversed in which intellectual asset management tasks are addressed.  Once the Exploitation destination is finally reached, there are many available commercialization paths to follow and hence many decisions to make.  You will find that spending time in this region is rewarding in that it is one of the main sources of inspirations for new ideas and future travels.

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